Brenan and Marlena Thompson

Family Teachers – Oak Ridge Home

Brenan and Marlena were drawn to Alpine Academy due to their shared passion for helping others learn to love life to the fullest.

Marlena is from southwest Virginia but has lived and worked in Utah since 2008. She has worked with community youth groups for several years- and is especially passionate about helping girls to see the good in themselves and in others. Marlena loves to teach the youth in her house how to cook and bake- and usually enjoys the end result. Marlena also enjoys working out with the youth at the gym, encouraging appreciation for how amazing the human body is!

Brenan was born and raised in southern Utah where he spent as much time as he could playing music and in the outdoors. His love of learning and helping led him early on to a career in teaching. Brenan started off teaching spirituality classes for high school youth and then went on to teach in a post-high school environment for young adults with special needs. He loves cracking “dad jokes” but more importantly, loves seeing youth learn and grow. The students at Oak Ridge appreciate his banjo and guitar skills. And are getting better at not rolling their eyes at his jokes.

Marlena and Brenan met while attending Southern Utah University and were married in 2011. They have a young daughter, Scout, who loves to play with “the kids.” Together, they love getting outside; whether it be high in the mountains or deep in desert canyons.