Suze Larson

Residential Coordinator

Suze began working at Alpine in 2007 as an Associate Family Teacher in the Gene Smith home.  Prior to working at Alpine she managed group homes that specialized in treating autism.  She also grew up with 9 siblings, so working at Alpine came naturally to her.  Throughout her tenure at Alpine Suze has been the Associate in several homes lending her talents to many different couples.  Suze’s expertise has been integral at Alpine when she has also been called on to run a group home for several months during the transition between Family Teachers.  Suze is also an accomplished trainer and Alpine has benefitted from her talent for training up new Associate Family Teachers.

Suze has been certified in the in the Teaching-Family Model four times and in 2012 she was recognized nationally as the Practitioner of the Year for Utah Youth Village.  In 2011 Suze pioneered and developed an independent living program at Alpine which has grown into the current ASPIRE program.  She developed a curriculum for the program that assesses and prepares students for young adulthood by teaching skills like organization, structuring free time, managing money, and job skills.

Suze currently serves as the Residential Coordinator and supervises the Pine Canyon home. Having grown up in a large military family, Suze learned early on the importance of relationships and family.  She has used her personal experience in her work at Alpine by forming incredible relationships with the staff and girls.  She is known for her no-nonsense approach, high expectations, and an insatiable appetite for fun.