Kayla Walker

Fitness and Recreation Coordinator

Kayla has spent the entirety of her professional life enriching the lives of youth.  With over 30 years of experience in the field of education, many of them as a coach, her teaching talents and genuine love for others have influenced generations.  In her role as the Fitness & Recreation Coordinator, Kayla is able to use these talents in a variety of ways to support and enhance Alpine Academy programs.  Kayla is responsible for planning and following through with day to day recreational activities for the youth that are incorporated into their academic curriculum.  She is also a critical organizer of experiential activities and trips, as significant as the yearly campus adventure trips and as routine as weekend hikes.

Kayla has made it her personal mission to help Alpine youth realize their own worth and identify their abilities.  She considers it an honor that she is able to work with Alpine families and youth.  Her insightful advice and speaking talents are often requested by youth for graduation ceremonies.  She believes it is the community approach that Alpine has taken that makes the difference for students.

Kayla holds a B.A. in Physical Education from Utah State University and a M.A. in Physical Education and Coaching from BYU.  As an educator she has not only taught but coached many young athletes in volleyball, basketball, softball and track and field.  She is also an inductee to the Utah Coaches Hall of Fame.