Soccer Season Comes to a Close

For the last seven years Alpine has had a soccer team participating in our local league.  The sport has been popular enough the past two years that we’ve even had two teams.  This actiity made possible by the great Family Teachers who have volunteered their time and expertise in coach our young women.  We receive regular comments from opposing coaches and parents of other teams regarding the sportsmanship and positive attitude of the girls.  Some of our players have experience and others have never played organized athletics before.  This doesn’t impact their ability to play as a team and enjoy the sport.  The spring season is coming to a close, and we will be starting up in the fall again with a new team.  Here are some shots from one of the games.

Sara F. dazzled spectators with her front flip throw-ins.
Coach Royal giving the girls a pep talk during half time.
Two Alpine players chase down an opponent.

Family Teachers will be contacting parents when it comes time to sign up for the fall team.  Until then, the campus is finishing up yoga clinic and starting volleyball.


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