Aftercare Services

Each student and family that comes through Alpine Academy’s doors becomes a part of our Alpine Family. As such, we feel a strong desire to help them be as successful as possible, even after they leave.

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Here to Support Your Child

Alpine has a full-time Aftercare Coordinator whose job is to support families post-Alpine. The coordinator begins the process a couple months prior to departure from Alpine by connecting with the student and family to start working on a transition plan and setting individualized goals and next-steps. If applicable, other support people, including education consultants, home therapists, school counselors, etc., are involved in this process.

Dedicated to Ongoing Aftercare

Once the student graduates and leaves Alpine, the Aftercare Coordinator creates a check-in schedule with the family based on their needs to follow up on implementation of the plan. The coordinator is also available 24/7 for consultation and support. This person is successfully trained in the Teaching-Family Model that is used at Alpine Academy and has had as many years of experience working in homes with families.

The Aftercare services are provided indefinitely to families at no additional cost.

Here is a typical Aftercare Follow-Up Plan:

  • Before leaving Alpine, eight weekly calls are scheduled. Expected attendees are the Aftercare Coordinator, alumni student, and parents.. (If this isn’t possible then one week after leaving, a text or call to the family will be made by the Aftercare Coordinator to briefly check in.)
  • If additional weekly check-ins are necessary, they will be scheduled after the eighth call.
  • 90 days – Email check-in is sent. Call is scheduled as needed.
  • 180 day – Email check-in is sent. Call is scheduled as needed.
  • 9 & 12 month Email check-ins are made.
  • After 12 months – Aftercare Coordinator will remain on call indefinitely and family’s needs will determine if there is additional scheduled or unscheduled support needed.
Dedicated to Ongoing Aftercare