ASPIRE is the acronym for Alpine Student Preparation for Independence, Responsibility, and Education. Students in ASPIRE experience the same level of supervision, focus on skill-building highlighted in therapeutic treatment plan goals, and involvement in campus and school activities as every other student at Alpine Academy. Yet ASPIRE is different from the other homes. Students live in a residential model that can better prepare them for young adult life.

ASPIRE bedroom

What This Program Includes

Additional focus areas are:

  • Initial and discharge life skills assessment
  • A comprehensive independent living curriculum
  • Weekly life skills group
  • Living space designed to replicate dormitory-style living
  • Increased focus upon leadership, interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving skills
  • Education and career counseling
  • Self-directed and youth-driven daily schedule
  • Community resource education (when available)
Student at computer desk

Who Is Admitted

Ten spaces are available in this program. Current Alpine students typically transition into this setting after successful progress in a traditional Alpine home. Parents and the entire treatment team are involved in the decision and it has been determined that there is a therapeutic benefit for this treatment approach.