ASPIRE is an acronym for Alpine Student Preparation for Independence, Responsibility, and Education.  Students in ASPIRE experience the same level of supervision, teaching to therapeutic treatment plan goals, and involvement in campus and school activities as every other student at Alpine Academy. But different from the others, ASPIRE students live in a residential model that prepares them for young adult life.

  • Initial and discharge life skills assessment
  • Comprehensive independent living curriculum
  • Weekly life skills group
  • Living space designed to replicate dormitory style living
  • Increased focus upon leadership, interpersonal relationships, and problem solving skills
  • Education and career counseling
  • Self directed and youth driven daily schedule
  • Community resource education

There are ten spots in this program, and typically current Alpine students transition into this setting after successful progress in the traditional Alpine setting and demonstrating a therapeutic need for this treatment planning approach.

My daughter turned 18 and willingly stayed at Alpine so she could experience ASPIRE and learn skills specifically targeting being independent and going on to college.

Alpine puts the focus right where it needs to be, on my child. She is blossoming.

It feels unbelievable, especially at first that professionals care as much as the staff at Alpine do.

After six months of my daughter being here I would say that it’s authentic and genuine and they love her as if she were their own.