Alpine Academy is dedicated to your daughter’s success in all of her academic settings. We strive to meet the current academic needs of our students and also prepare them for their next academic step.

Our academic community aids your daughter in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and post-secondary planning. We aspire for our students to become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

The guidance counselor closely monitors your daughter’s high school credits and her graduation timeline. This can include plans for credit recovery, grade replacement, or early graduation.  The guidance counselor works comprehensively with other members of the academic team to ensure credit recovery, proper class placement, and communicate supportive measures for each individual student. The guidance counselor also conducts an ACT-prep class for students whose academic plans include attending a University following high school.

Your daughter will also receive individual academic counseling focused on her current needs, as well as a transition plan following Alpine Academy. You can expect the guidance counselor to work closely with your family or education consultant to complete academic transition plans for the next school placement or post-secondary school. The guidance counselor can aid in the application process, provide transcripts, and gather the needed materials from the academic team to prepare your daughter for her next academic step.

College and career planning curriculum is delivered to all students through group sessions or individual planning meetings. These include a variety of college and career preparation assessments, interest inventories, strength and personality assessments, psychoeducational groups, and university or vocational campus visits. Whether your daughter’s post-high school plan includes attending a university, community college, vocational training, or step-down program, the guidance counselor will assist your family in achieving the established goals.

We know that every student has the potential to become a confident, self-directed, lifelong learner. We are committed to your daughter’s academic and post-secondary success. With our students at the center, our community continually strives for progress and the celebration of learning.

Questions for our Guidance Counselor?

Fill out this quick form to contact our Guidance Counselor directly. In the meantime, you’d like to speak with someone directly, please call us at (800) 244-1113.

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