Below you will find a list of the most common questions we are asked about Alpine Academy.  In addition to a general written response to each question you will find video responses from students, parents, and staff that will provide more personal insight into their thoughts about Alpine.

How is Alpine different from other treatment centers?
Can Alpine Academy change my daughter?
How will my relationship with my daughter change?
What kind of therapy does Alpine Academy do?
How much therapy does my daughter receive each day and week?
What does group therapy look like?
What is the daily schedule like?
What are family teachers?
How much and in what way is the family involved?
Where do Alpine students come from?
What are the first few days of Alpine Academy like?
How often do the girls get off campus and into the community?
Is my daughter the most difficult girl you have had?
How soon can our daughter return home to visit?
How is it determined when a student is ready to leave?
Why an all girl experience?
If my daughter cries or melts down, who will be there for her?
Who will be our connection to Alpine Academy so that we can stay informed?
Does Alpine Academy give a High School Diploma?
What is the school schedule like?
What kind of classes does Alpine offer?
Will Alpine help my daughter catch up if she is behind in school?
What are class sizes like?
What sports and clubs are available at Alpine Academy?
What the qualifications of the teachers?
When do the girls have time to do homework?
What kind of help can I expect for my daughter if she struggles in school?
How do you work with girls that have learning difference and challenges?
What kind of instruction do Alpine teachers use?
How can parents get information about their daughter’s school performance?
Will my daughter be able to get into a good university after leaving Alpine?
How much exercise do the girls get and what kind?
Where do parents stay when they come to visit?
What is the food like at Alpine Academy?