IMG_0895Alpine Academy strives to keep families connected with their daughters while they are away from home.We recognize the importance of being involved and up to date on events, activities and school functions. The information found on this website is an addition to the frequent phone and email contact they have with their daughter and her treatment team.

Alpine Academy offers quarterly intensive training and support weekends for the parents of the girls they serve. These weekend events cover topics such as: adoption/attachment issues, parenting styles, planning for the transition home, etc.

Our online calendar serves as a hub of information for campus activities and events.

My wife and I love connecting with other parents and are so impressed with the way that each of us feels like we receive so much individualized attention.

We are very impressed with the program and how the family teachers and therapists work with our daughter.

There isn’t a scale to adequately rate them at the level they deserve. Thank you for all you’ve done for our family.