Admissions Requirements

Specialized In Helping Your Child

Alpine Academy excels at changing the lives of teenagers, ages 12-18 (7th through 12th grades) with intense therapeutic needs.

Individualized Therapy

Our students are deeply hurting inwardly from causes and symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety (including generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive tendencies, eating disordered behavior, and social phobias)
  • Depression (including mood disorders and bipolar disorders)
  • Traumas (including post-traumatic stress disorder from early childhood neglect or abuse, physical or sexual abuse, or related to significant grief and loss)
  • Relationship problems with family or peers (including attachment disorders)
  • Attention deficits & social skill deficits (including ADD or ADHD, including ASD Level 1 and Spectrum-like traits)
  • Traits of personality disorders (including borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (Level 1) or Spectrum-like traits
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Low resilience
  • Executive functioning needs
  • Technology misuse (including gaming, social media, internet)
  • Identity exploration

Dedicated to Improving Behavior

Our students have often manifested one or more of the following types of behaviors or unhealthy coping mechanisms:

  • Withdrawal and isolation from family and friends
  • Trouble maintaining friendships
  • Discontinuation of previously enjoyable activities
  • Excessive anger or verbal aggression
  • Defiance toward authority or unwillingness to follow directions
  • School avoidance or refusal
  • Substance experimentation or abuse
  • Risky sexual activity
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal ideation or gestures
  • Cell phone and internet obsession or addiction
  • Leaving home without permission for significant periods of time
  • Frequent dishonest communication
  • Declining academic performance

Individualized Support

Alpine Academy is dedicated to serving those students and families whom our experience tells us can be successful with our unique approach.

To that end, we take great care to thoroughly assess each referred student to ensure the appropriateness of fit, not only in general but also specifically to the given time and circumstances, taking into account the availability of certain therapists and treatment teams that would be ideally suited to each student.

Alpine Academy

What To Expect

Alpine Academy does not admit students who:

  • have been chronically physically violent toward peers;
  • are legally adjudicated or on probation;
  • have a primary diagnosis of substance abuse, dependence, or addiction disorder;
  • are in need of intense or ongoing medical supervision due to a medical condition,
  • severe eating disorder, withdrawal from an illegal substance, or recent suicide attempt or intent;
  • have run away from home or other treatment settings frequently or for long periods of time;
  • are pregnant;
  • are significantly cognitively challenged (full-scale IQ below 80).

Background Information

It is important that we gather background and historical information in addition to the most recent professional documentation available, such as the following:

  • psychological and psycho-educational testing or evaluations
  • treatment plans and/or discharge summaries from prior therapeutic settings (including psychiatric hospitals)
  • summaries, notes, or evaluations from current or past therapists, psychiatrists, or other professionals
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP – when applicable) from the school district
  • any other documents that would provide information related to why the student is being referred for this level of care

If some or all of this documentation does not exist or is not available, or if we feel we need additional information or clarification, we will request a direct conversation with a professional working with your child currently or in the recent past.  In order to do this, a “Consent for Release of Information” form must be filled out, providing your authorization for that professional to share confidential information with us about your child.