Alan Beukers

Mathematics Teacher
Lakeview • Mountain View

Alan, our dedicated Mathematics Teacher at Alpine Academy, embarked on a unique career journey that transitioned from engineering to education. His academic journey involved studying engineering at university, where he found his passion for teaching while assisting in numerous classes. This newfound enjoyment prompted a shift in career paths, leading him to embrace the role of an educator.

Alan’s qualifications for the position stem from his extensive experience in tutoring mathematics and teaching physics. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in these subjects, he brings a valuable perspective to the academic environment at Alpine Academy.

Beyond the classroom, Alan’s interests include the analytical exploration of stories, a deep curiosity about the workings of the world and the universe, and a penchant for sharing lighthearted jokes. His multifaceted approach to teaching and genuine enthusiasm for his subjects make him a valuable asset to the Alpine Academy community.