Briana Lynch

Behavior Analyst & Consultant
Lakeview • Mountain View

Meet Briana Lynch, our dedicated Behavior Analyst at Alpine Academy. With a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis and four years in the TFM, Briana brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Briana’s career journey started by working with children and families in the court system, implementing behavioral skills to enhance school attendance and reduce environmental barriers. She then became a foster parent, focusing on empowering teens with independent living skills and providing a nurturing environment for growth. Since joining Alpine Academy in 2019, Briana has been instrumental in shaping the lives of teens and their families, guiding them toward their goals.

Her passion for the role is evident in her commitment to applying behavioral strategies to create positive outcomes for the residents. Outside of work, Briana enjoys skiing, gardening, cooking, traveling, playing soccer, and soaking up the sunshine. Her multifaceted background and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the Alpine Academy team.