Kelanie Banks

Admissions and Contract Coordinator
Lakeview • Mountain View


Kelanie is a fantastic member of our team. Her warm extroverted nature allows her to make friends with everyone around her. She is easy to chat with, and parents feel comfortable talking to her.

Kelanie has a lot of experience that make her excellent as an Admissions Coordinator. She has over 6 years’ experience in Childhood/SPED Education. She’s also worked in Enrollment/Admissions at a University level. She also has experience working with adults and children with mental and physical disabilities. She is well suited to help answer any questions parents may have.

On top her competencies, she is also diverse in her hobbies and passions. Kelanie started working with the Ducks Unlimited wildlife conservation when she was 8. She also started an afterschool dance program for the female youth in her community. Kelanie was a member of SUU’s Volunteer Club, focusing on working with Habitat for Humanity, Title IX Advocacy, and Police Liaison.

On a personal note, Kelanie is married to her best friend, Logan. They have two dogs who they treat like children. She loves to bake and cook. She’s attempted to make almost every dish from “The Great British Baking Show”. She also loves the outdoors, and is happiest camping, hiking, fishing, and doing archery