Calvin Reilley

School Coach

Calvin Reilley joins the Alpine Academy team as an enthusiastic School Coach, bringing a fresh perspective to the educational field with his diverse background and passion for teaching and psychology. Since earning his Associate of Science degree, Calvin has dedicated his career to youth development, starting at Alpine in the summer of 2021. His journey through various roles within Alpine Academy, including Lead positions at Cedar Creek and Gardner homes, has prepared him well for his current role. Calvin’s ability to build strong relationships and maintain boundaries makes him a valuable asset to our community. He is currently pursuing a degree in Biology, aiming to enrich his teaching capabilities further.

Outside of his professional life, Calvin is an avid lover of both nature and all things nerdy. His hobbies range from reading fantasy novels and camping to engaging in video games, reflecting his well-rounded character. A firm believer in the power of patience and gradual progress, Calvin lives by the philosophy that steady steps lead to lasting change. An animal enthusiast, he shares his home with two beloved cats, adding to his nurturing environment. Calvin’s multifaceted interests and compassionate approach make him a relatable and effective coach at Alpine Academy.