Chantel McInnes

Dance Teacher
Lakeview • Mountain View
Chantel is an Academic Assistant and Dance Teacher at Alpine Academy. She began teaching dance at Alpine in 2006 and became an Academic Assistant in 2020. She enjoys working with the academic staff and the many responsibilities she has an an Academic Assistant.
Chantel began dancing at the age of 4 and has studied many different styles of dance. She was the vice-president and choreographer of her high school drill(dance) team. After high school, she completed a dance internship. She was a dance instructor at a local dance studio for 22 years where she later became the co-director for several years. She has also choreographed for community plays. Chantel loves sharing her passion of dance with her students, while teaching the importance of self-expression and dancing with confidence. Her goal is to make an inviting, fun learning environment, and to motivate and encourage her student to express themselves in a healthy way through dance.
Chantel loves spending time with her twin boys. Some of her hobbies include watching soccer, traveling, doing crafts, and playing games with friends and family.