Kyle Petersen

Science Teacher
Lakeview • Mountain View

Kyle is our dedicated Science Teacher at Alpine Academy. He holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Utah and possesses an Associate Educators License, along with two Teaching Family Model Certifications.

His career journey at Alpine Academy began as a Family Teacher, now known as a live-in LIFE coach. Kyle has held various roles in the residential department, served as the Foster Care director for two years, and has recently transitioned into the position of Science Teacher.

What makes Kyle an excellent fit for this role is his profound passion for science, particularly in areas such as marine biology, physics, and anatomy. This enthusiasm translates into engaging and effective teaching, fostering a dynamic learning environment for our students.

Outside of work, Kyle is a family man, married with three boys. He enjoys hiking, indulging in board games, and brings a vibrant energy to our team at Alpine Academy.