Marisa Butler

Team LIFE Supervisor
Mountain View

Meet Marisa Butler, a dedicated professional and Team Supervisor at Alpine Academy. Marisa embarked on her journey with Alpine Academy as a Teen LIFE Coach in March 2022, showcasing remarkable dedication and skill. Her rapid ascent within the organization saw her assume the role of Lead Teen LIFE Coach by September of the same year. By September 2023, Marisa seamlessly transitioned into the position of Team Supervisor, a testament to her leadership capabilities.

Marisa’s approach to her work is marked by a commitment to treating everyone with dignity, underlining her genuine passion for working with teenagers. Known for her patience and empathy, Marisa creates an environment that fosters growth and support for those under her care.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marisa finds joy in various hobbies. Whether it’s immersing herself in the world of music, delving into a good book, or cherishing moments with her family, Marisa’s diverse interests contribute to her well-rounded personality and undoubtedly enrich her approach to her role at Alpine Academy.